Learn To Play

Who Can Play Polo?

Polo is a sport that can be enjoyed by a variety of people ranging from the serious competitor to the weekend amateur. Men, women and children are all able to play together as an equine teammate is an amazing equalizer. There are also different areas of polo specific to a person’s age, experience, and interests. For the younger players, we offer a variety of youth lessons. Many polo clubs have lead line polo for young children, and senior polo for those who have started playing the sport later in life.

Do I Need To Know How To Ride A Horse?

A person does not need any riding experience prior to learning how to play polo. However, riding is a key component and prior experience is beneficial. There are several polo schools located across the country that specialize in introducing beginners to the sport. A passion for learning something new and exciting is all one needs to start playing the game.

Where Can I Take A Polo Lesson?

Jason Rauschelbach, Manager of the St. Louis Polo Club will be hosting learn to play clinics this summer.  Jason is a seasoned polo player with 20+ years experience in polo. Jason is also available for private lessons and beginner chuckers. Add a polo clinic to your summer camps!

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