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Saint Louis Polo Club

Established in 1883, St. Louis Polo Club is the second oldest existing club in the United States.  Although the  early history of the club is unknown, the St. Louis Country Club, which was established in 1894, introduced polo to Clayton residents when the club built a polo field in front of its club house the following year.  Polo quickly became an important activity at the country club.  At the formal opening in 1895, “Pony races and polo games were the features of that afternoon”, according to the Watchman, a St. Louis Journal.

By the late 1920’s and early 1930’s polo was so popular in St. Louis that the St. Louis Country Club had three separate teams- the Redbirds, the Bluebirds and the American Polo Club.  Competitions became more numerous as the teams hosted matches against teams from other midwestern cities and traveled throughout the region to play polo.  St. Louis teams continue to host tournaments and travel to play in other cities.

This year the action in St. Louis should be faster and the caliber of play better than ever as the players and horses have improved and will be performing on excellent fields.

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